What we do

Life Skills Training Institute offers the following services…

  • Provides training/coaching on life skills to Individuals, departments, and institutes etc.
  • Helps people in changing their mental state, habit, situation, life.
  • Trains people to overcome pain and suffering that people undergo due to various factors in personal and professional life and live a peaceful, happy, successful prosperous life.
  • Helps people in improving every areas of their lives.
  • Offers help people in building better relationship.
  • Assists people in changing their behavior.
  • Enhances productivity in professional life.
  • Teaches how to create life work balance and enjoy your life to the fullest.


Courses/Workshops we offer

  • A New You ( A complete personal development workshop for students, employees and anyone interested in improving their lives and do wonderful things.)
  • It’s not important where you started, it’s important where you will finish (Even after many disadvantages in your life, how you can achieve your dreams, do things you want to do and become great in life.)
  • What is the story of your life? (How to create a beautiful life story that not only you will enjoy but others will also like.)
  • 3 Simple steps to success. (How can you become successful in just 3 simple steps.)
  • Change Thoughts Change Life – Ultimate Solution to Overcome Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Management ( How to manage your emotions including stress and live a better life.)
  • Double and Triple Your Productivity-Get More Done and Get Time For Your Life
  • Goals to create the life you always wanted
  • Do What You Want in Life (Finding your life’s meaning and achieving it)
  • Creating Life Work Balance and Enjoying Your Life To The Fullest
  • Creating Bonds: Building Better Relationships
  • How to Sell Yourself- How to Prepare for Your Interview
  • Sales Training- How To Be A Better Salesperson
  • Yearly Life Skill Programs (Here we cover 12 important life skills as mentioned by UNICEF.)
  • Yearly Motivational Programs (Here we cover 10 important motivational topics important to start the spark in the participants to do better, dream bigger and achieve what they want to achieve.)

Benefits of our courses

The participants will learn

  • How to change life by changing thoughts
  • Ways and techniques of overcoming pain and suffering
  • How to live a peaceful life
  • How to overcome any negative emotion –irritation, anger, Stress, worry, depression, sadness etc.
  • How to change old habits.
  • Aware of how thought impacts on feeling, behavior, personality and ultimately destiny.
  • Able to identify the individual believe system.
  • Able to protect self from external stimuli which shatter mental peace.
  • Art of self and life management.
  • How to motivate self.
  • How to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • How to bring about a holistic change in every area of life
  • Secrets of living a successful life.
  • Finding more time for your family and getting more done while working
  • Different Tools to increase productivity
  • Health problems in the office and how you can solve it


Customized workshops/courses

Life Skills Training Institute also offers customized workshops/courses as the need of the organization or group of people. Such customization is done depending on the objectives of the client. We ensure that we completely meet the expectations of clients by offering the benefits they want.