A Coach Is Someone Who Tells You What You Don't Want To Hear, Who Has You See What You Don't Want To See, So You Can Be Who You Always Known You Could Be.

Tom Landry


Life Skills Training Institute is a Guwahati based training Initiative with emphasis on personal and organizational transformation through Individual and Organizational Development programmes. It comprises of a dedicated team with experience and expertise in Life Coaching, Motivational and Leadership training of about five years and transforms the lives of thousands of people.

You can improve your life and for that, you have one gift- YOUR CHOICE. If you want it's possible to completely change and improve your present life.

Your Life, Your Choice


Life Skill simply means the skills you need to live a better life. These are the skills which can help us to become successful; enjoy life; find happiness, peace and success; become better and develop our full potential. It is possible to learn these skills and we can help you learn them.

Personal development is what that makes you better and create a better life for you. As human beings, we can always strive to make ourselves better. We can improve a little bit everyday, if we know what to do and when to do and how to do it. LSTI offers you the answers to this what, when and how.