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Motivate them to become the best version of themselves.
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Motivate the students throughout the year.
A well balanced course to bring out the better in them.
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Yearly life skill programs for students

Personal development, improvement of your existing condition, coaching for your personal life or business, LSTI offers coaching for your different needs. You can improve your life when you know what to do and how to do it. Even if you are successful, you still need a coach to do better. Find out how coaching can help you with your life and work.

Bikash is a Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by International Coach Federation (ICF), USA. More…


LSTI offers personal counseling for young people, adults, students, employees and anyone who needs it. Such one to one counseling increases the possibilities of finding better solutions than counseling in a group. If you have any emotional issues or you want to improve your life, then you can contact us and find solutions to your problems and improve your life.



LSTI offers customized workshop for govt organizations, private organizations, schools, colleges, universities and other organizations. Small, medium, big any types of organization need training to motivate their employees to increase productivity, job satisfaction and employee well-being. LSTI offers customized workshops after discussing the needs with the client.



LSTI offers several courses for students, working professionals, young and adults which includes Confidence Building, Getting Ready for The Interview, Body Language Improvement, Communication Improvement etc.

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Get the help and support you need

volunteer-1550328_640We are a team of professionals who want to offer you help in making your life beautiful. We want to make you happy and enjoy mental peace becuase it’s your right. Our experience and expertize will help you to understand that you can always improve yourself through personal development and achieve the two most important aspects of human life- happiness and peace.

We offer counselling and coaching for people who need immediate support and help. Our courses help you to learn things that you need in your life. Our workshops help you to find ways and means to do what you want to do,  ignite the desire in you, teach you to dream and work towards it and ultimately achieve success.

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We have completed numerous motivational and life skill projects

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September 16, 2016

A few actionable things (things that you can take action today). This includes just a few things because you can only do few things and not all things. Try these and you will see happiness (please don’t run after it, but do what you like in your life and happiness will find you soon). Click […]

এই পষ্টটো লোৱা হৈছে জীৱনবৃত্তৰ পৰা৷ জীৱনবৃত্তলৈ যাবলৈ ইয়াত ক্লিক কৰক জীৱনত বিভিন্ন ধৰণৰ বিপৰ্যয় সংঘটিত হ’ব পাৰে। আপুনি কোনোবা এটা প্ৰজেক্টত কাম কৰি আাছিল  কিন্তু তাৰ ফলাফল আপুনি বিচৰা ধৰণে নহ’ল।আপুনি বহুদিনৰ পৰা চিগাৰেট এৰাৰ চেষ্টা কৰি আছিল আৰু বহুদিন নোখোৱাকৈও আছিল, কিন্তু হঠাতে এদিন ষ্ট্ৰেছ ইমান বেছি হ’ল যে আপুনি চিগাৰেট এটা খাই […]

Click Here to read the original post in In a very simple way, you can decide what you want in your life. There may be so many things that you want in your life and not sure which ones you will need or want. It may also help you to decide about your life. […]

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Bikash Kalita is a Coach, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur

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Feedback from our customers

After the session, the students showed higher desire to improve their lives. They felt highly motivated to find their dreams and work towards those dreams.
Motivated to improve themselves / Pratibha Patowary, Assoc Prof, Goreswar College
Excellent training for our police personnel. It was a better training program on behavioural change and we hope to see tremendous benefit in the behaviour of our trainees.
Excellent training / Principal, Police Training College, Dergaon
After attending few sessions of your year long Student Excellence Program, our stduents are showing more interest in finding a dream for their lives. They are more motivated to think about their future and do something baout it. Much appreciated. Thank you.
Big changes in students / Uttam teron, Parijat Academy,
মোৰ ইমান বছৰৰ ডিপ্ৰেচন যেন এটা দিনতে নাইকিয়া হৈ গল৷ এতিয়া মই সম্পূর্ণ ডিপ্ৰেচন মুক্ত৷ ইমান দিনে ভূগি থকা কষ্টৰ পৰা মই ইমান সহজে মুক্তি পাম বুলি ভবাই নাছিলো৷ একেবাৰে সপোনৰ নিচিনা...
সপোনৰ নিচিনা / Counselling Client